"Mr. Maroulis... possesses a soulful, pure and intense voice."
-  The New York Times
"Mr. Maroulis, the onetime “American Idol” finalist and a Tony nominee for “Rock of Ages,” has bloomed into a fine actor. As Nate, the most easygoing of the characters, content to coast along and take things as they come, he gives a wonderfully sensitive performance."
- The New York Times
"Mr. Maroulis’ voice is a gorgeous, crystal-clear, unwavering, bright tenor instrument that will blow you away." - Houston Chronicle
"What an intense, powerful journey he endures each night to bring the audience into his full experience. He abandons himself completely and I am humbled and honored to have joined him." - DC Metro Theater Arts
"It's really a perfect performance... Long may he rock."
- The Chicago Tribune
"Constantine Maroulis, delicious as he is devilish" - Variety
"Constantine Maroulis is amazing! He soared in Rock of Ages and now commands the stage with electric vocals as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde." - The Huffington Post
"While Constantine Maroulis' singing can be exhilarating, the best part of his performance is his acting. As Jekyll he is an endearing figure, bringing an indrawn intensity to his portrayal of the derided doctor." - The LA Times
"Constantine Maroulis is dangerously sexy!" - Variety

Constantine Maroulis was born a scrappy kid in Brooklyn with big pipes, deep pride for his Greek heritage, and a love for the theater and rock n’ roll.  It was an upbringing a world away from the showbiz glitz of New York and Los Angeles, yet he would come to penetrate the firmament of stars in those galaxies many times.


Constantine first came to prominence as the beloved rock n’ roll underdog on American Idol. He then secured his place in pop culture as a Broadway superstar, best known for his TONY-nominated role in Rock Of Ages. Now, for his third act, he begins an invigorating and promising new era with a bevvy of intriguing projects, including putting the finishing touches on his most assured and swaggering solo music to date.  


“I always knew I was going to do something within the entertainment business. From a young age I told everyone that,” the New Jersey-based performer says. “I always had a plan. The streets of New York were my college. I hustled a ton, pounding the pavement selling clothes, doing real estate, just anything to support my dreams. I was the kid with a mic in one hand and a briefcase in the other.”


Constantine’s story took an important turn at a very young age when his family moved from Brooklyn to Wyckoff, New Jersey. The city’s manicured lifestyle was culture shock to Constantine who preferred the more diverse and earthy environs of Brooklyn. He took solace in close family ties, and his family’s eclectic music soundtrack which included goth, classic rock, jazz, Spanish hymns, Greek music, pop, and show tunes. His life would get another jolt when he witnessed his brother’s performance in a high school production of West Side Story. “I remember seeing the scene where he got stabbed in a rumble and came back to life in a dream sequence. That changed me forever,” Constantine recalls.


Despite his vocal prowess and his magnetic presence onstage, Constantine bounced around the New York music scene through most of his 20s having put in a lot of hard work with little to show.  In 2004, an old friend convinced him to try out for American Idol.  Previous to his fateful appearance on the show, Constantine had studied musical theater at Boston Conservatory, spent years in the theater scene, and slogged it out on the thankless NYC rock n’ roll club circuit.  At the time of his Idol audition, he was fresh from touring with the musical Rent and out of touch with the popular show, as this was before social media. The rest is history, one Constantine is grateful for. “Basically, my life changed the moment I stepped on the property.  I had cameras in my face all time. It was the right time and I was ready to play,” he recalls.


Constantine Maroulis became a household name through his memorable run as a finalist on the fourth season of American Idol. His charisma, rock n’ roll edge, and astounding vocals entranced the judges, along with the 30 million viewers watching the show at home.  His triumphant performances on Idol included some of the show’s most electrifying moments on TV, including his rendition of Queen’s epic “Bohemian Rhapsody". 


Constantine knew after American Idol he had a relatively limited window of opportunity to fortify his career. “I went into survival mode—I knew nothing would be handed to me,” he confides. It was by hustling, flying back and forth between New York and Los Angeles, working 12-hour days, that he began to make headway.  A show called Rock Of Ages with an unknown cast and unknown creatives came knocking. It had a great program of classic songs and a Constantine was instantly drawn in by the concept, and signed on.  The show enjoyed a very successful run as one of the highest-grossing Broadway shows of all time, culminating in a myriad of awards and critical acclaim for Constantine including a Tony Award nomination, and firmly establishing him as a world-class performer.  Constantine then went on to receive a Drama League Award Nomination for a Distinguished Performance Award for Rock Of Ages, as well as his work on the show Jekyll and Hyde.


Constantine channels appreciation for his visibility and success through working even harder, including Tony Nominated work as a producer of Broadway’s revival of Deaf West's Spring Awakening, as well as recently releasing the singles, “All About You”, “Here I Come” and “She’s Just Rock N Roll,” from his upcoming album slated for release on July 10, 2020. “In a way, there are two me’s—the guy driving the van-and-trailer, and the guy onstage in front of millions.  I want to be like a really great utility player on a baseball team and play every position on the field. That feels honorable,” he says.  Constantine’s clout is growing on Broadway, as his name is attached to many upcoming projects both as producer and actor.


All of this ambition is held in balance by Constantine’s inspiration – his 8-year old daughter Malena.  Life as a single Dad is not without its challenges, however, Constantine is firm in his commitment to being present in his daughter’s daily life. Constantine says: “I’m really a regular guy, and my family reminds me of that. There is nothing more important to me than spending time with Malena. Everything is for her and her future."

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