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"Mr. Maroulis... possesses a soulful, pure and intense voice."
- The New York Times

"Mr. Maroulis, the onetime “American Idol” finalist and a Tony nominee for “Rock of Ages,” has bloomed into a fine actor. As Nate, the most easygoing of the characters, content to coast along and take things as they come, he gives a wonderfully sensitive performance."
- The New York Times
"Mr. Maroulis’ voice is a gorgeous, crystal-clear, unwavering, bright tenor instrument that will blow you away." - Houston Chronicle
"What an intense, powerful journey he endures each night to bring the audience into his full experience. He abandons himself completely and I am humbled and honored to have joined him." - DC Metro Theater Arts
"It's really a perfect performance... Long may he rock."
- The Chicago Tribune

"Constantine Maroulis, delicious as he is devilish" - Variety

"Constantine Maroulis is amazing! He soared in Rock of Ages and now commands the stage with electric vocals as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde." - The Huffington Post

"While Constantine Maroulis' singing can be exhilarating, the best part of his performance is his acting. As Jekyll he is an endearing figure, bringing an indrawn intensity to his portrayal of the derided doctor." - The LA Times

"Constantine Maroulis is dangerously sexy!"
- Variety

What critics are saying about ROCK & ROLL MAN:

“Maroulis leads the show with an understated grit, a careful balance of that appreciation and respect for people of color, yet with a consciousness of his own place, privilege, success, and talent. (Not to mention his voice – Maroulis’ voice, that is – which is quite possibly at its peak.)”~ The Aquarian Weekly

"Maroulis — a former “American Idol” contestant who is the rare musical-theater performer able to convincingly rock… gets to let loose" - New York Times
"Constantine Maroulis leads the cast as Freed, delivering both the vocal pyrotechnics and wide-eyed earnestness that have earned him dominance in a boutique niche of musical theater." - Theatremania

Constantine Maroulis (pron mah-RULE-iss) is best known for his iconic star turn in Broadway’s Rock of Ages for which he garnered a myriad of accolades including a Best Actor TONY Award Nomination.  Constantine became a household name in 2005, during the heyday of American Idol, alongside Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughtry in front of 30 million monthly viewers on a weekly basis. 


Constantine’s current venture signals a triumphant return to New York City stages, ROCK & ROLL MAN, the original musical about a musical original. Constantine plays the title character, Alan Freed, a Cleveland DJ who in the 1950s heard the future—and knew he had to let it sing. At that time, Freed named the genre “Rock & Roll,” bringing music to the masses and integrating artists and audiences on the airwaves and in concerts for the first time in history. 


“I always knew I was going to do something within the entertainment business. From a young age I told everyone that,” the New Jersey-based performer says. “I always had a plan. The streets of New York were my college. I hustled a ton, pounding the pavement selling clothes, doing real estate, just anything to support my dreams. I was the kid with a mic in one hand and a briefcase in the other.”


Constantine was fresh from touring with the musical Rent when an old friend convinced him to try out for American Idol.  At the time of his Idol audition, he was simply looking to land a gig.  The rest is history, one Constantine is grateful for. “Basically, my life changed the moment I stepped on the property. I had cameras in my face all the time. It was the right time and I was ready to play,” he recalls.


Following American Idol, a show called Rock of Ages with an unknown cast and unknown creatives came knocking. It had a great program of classic songs and Constantine was instantly drawn in by the concept and signed on. The show enjoyed a highly successful run as one of the highest-grossing Broadway shows of all time, culminating in a myriad of awards and critical acclaim for Constantine including a Tony Award nomination, and firmly establishing him as a world-class performer. Constantine received Drama League Award nominations for the Distinguished Performance Award for Rock of Ages, and for his work on the show Jekyll and Hyde. In addition to his on-stage exploits, Constantine served as a producer on the Tony-nominated Broadway revival of Deaf West's Spring Awakening. 


Constantine channels appreciation for his visibility and success in creativity and writing, reflected in his recent original album entitled Until I’m Wanted released in 2020. The music was well received, garnering airplay on SiriusXM and featured on a recent return to American Idol as a guest mentor and performer. Critics agree, and according to Disciples of Sound "This is a guy you always root for and never count out, especially now as he releases maybe the biggest rock “fun ride” of the year, his sophomore effort Until I’m Wanted.”  Constantine’s latest anthems are entitled “Daydream”, a rockin’ tune that is meant to inspire and empower fans, as well as “Comeback”, a song about his wild journey through the world of entertainment.  He will be releasing new music throughout 2023, with plans to return to rock clubs, theaters, and festivals with his incredible live band.  Off stage, his inspiration is his daughter Malena.  Constantine says: “There is nothing more important to me than spending time with Malena. Everything is for her and her future."

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